SoCal Energy

Now Offering
$0.00 Down
And County of Riverside
HERO Financing

Up to 20 Years
With No Credit Check!!
Its this simple

When you have SoCal Energy Systems install a grid tied solar system on your roof, you will be offsetting or even eliminating your electric bill.  With a 4000 watt system you can expect to generate approximately 678 Kilowatt hours of energy per month and if your like most people you are elevated to level 4 or 5 in your current electric bill.
If so you are paying 24 to 32 cents per KWH.
That equates to around $163.00 per month savings or $1,956.00 per year.

After rebates and tax credits your investment would total $5,550.00*
With the energy savings of $1,956.00 your investment would return you 35.3% Annually.

*Rebates can change as state programs reach specific levels.

Put Your Roof to Work

This is really quite a "No Brainer"

You can invest your money in a bank CD
and maybe receive 1.5% return on investment
or you can invest in your homes own solar
generating system and receive 32% or more
return on your investment

And Thats Not All

Once your investment pays for itself in 34 months
Your return on investment will skyrocket to over 100%

Even if you borrowed the monies at 8%
you will still realize a return of 24.3%
(Not to mention the increase in home value)

Now you can see why this is a "No Brainer"

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